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The Mr. Pine series
written and illustrated by Leonard Kessler

Mr. Pine's Purple House
50th Anniversary Edition

Mr. Pine lived on Vine Street in a little white house. "A white house is fine," said Mr. Pine, "but there are FIFTY white houses all in a line on Vine Street. How can I tell which house is mine?"

Mr. Pine had a big problem. But he solved that problem in his own special way. Mr. Pine's Purple House, first published in 1965, has been a favorite children's book for generations and fifty years later the intrepid Mr. Pine is still entertaining girls and boys. Come meet Mr. Pine, his dog and his cat, and read of his hilarious antics with brushes and ladders, and lots of purple paint!

For readers who will grow up and dare to be different!

Publishers Weekly January 30, 2006 In honor of the 40th anniversary of Mr. Pine's Purple House (1965) by Leonard Kessler, Purple House Press is reissuing this charming beginning reader with its confident black outlines and splashes of purple on generous backgrounds of white. Mr. Pine wants his house to stand out from all the rest, and readers get to discover just how he makes his home special.

Some Mr. Pine trivia:
Mr. Saul Dash was a friend of the Kesslers, and he really owned a paint store!

On page 32, Mr. Pine's truck has the Kessler's old phone number on the side. If only we'd known back in 1965! I must mention that we did change this page in honor of Mr. Pine's 40th Anniversary, what could this mean...?

ISBN 978-1-930900-77-6 Hardcover, 64 pages. $16.95. Ages 3-8.

Mr. Pine's Purple House$16.95
Mr. Pine's Mixed-Up Signs hardcover $16.00
Mr. Pine's Mixed-Up Signs paperback $8.99
Mrs. Pine Takes a Trip $16.00 N/A

Mr. Pine's Mixed-up Signs

Mr. Pine made signs.

He made signs that said STOP.
He made signs that said GO.
He made signs that said FAST.
And signs that said SLOW.

When the signs in Little Town were old, the mayor said, "we need all new signs." Mr. Pine painted all new signs in one week. "I will put them up," he said. But he could not find his glasses. He put the signs up anyway.

The signs were all MIXED-UP! Little Town was all mixed-up! Where were Mr. Pine's glasses? Who had his glasses? How did he solve the problem of all those mixed-up signs?

Anniversary Edition of Mr. Pines Mixed-up Signs and the adventures of our beloved, intrepid sign painter Mr. Pine.
64 pages, Ages 3-8.

Hardcover, 40th Anniv Ed, green background, shown on the left $16.
Paperback, 55th Anniv Ed, white background, shown on the right $8.99.

Reason #185 of 240 Reasons to Celebrate America! Time Magazine, July 11, 2016

Time Magazine Design Director D.W. Pine says, "I've always loved signs. When I was a kid, they kept me entertained on long family road trips. Now, I appreciate their graphic simplicity more than ever! My kids loved Mr. Pine because of his name...no relation to me, but don't tell them that!"

We're thrilled to be in such good company, other recommended books are Huckleberry Finn, The Long Winter, Where the Sidewalk Ends, Love You Forever and Mr. Pine's Mixed-Up Signs!

Mrs. Pine Takes a Trip

Mrs. Pine decides to visit her sister in New York. Mr. Pine tells her that he can take care of the house while she is away.

"Housework is easy," he says. But Mr. Pine soon changes his mind. The house gets messier and messier and -- oh no, Mrs. Pine is coming home tomorrow!

First published in 1966, you can now read Mr. and Mrs. Pine's wedding announcement which is new in this edition!

ISBN 1-930900-25-2 Hardcover, 50 pages. $16. Ages 3-8.

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