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Bargain Basement
Slightly blemished books

Books on this page are 60-75% off! Quantities are limited and they're sold on a first come, first served basis. If a book is sold out try checking back here occasionally because we update this page as more become available.

These books have been returned to us from our distributor. Most have bumps or blemishes, but no major problems. They'll make nice reading copies to give to your children. These books have remainder marks, which means they were sold at a discount. David and the Phoenix has been permanently marked down to $2.99, all copies of this book are brand new. Winter of Enchantment and Hanna's Cold Winter have been permanently marked down to $5.00.

Any of these books may be returned, but with more than a thousand sold it hasn't happened once in 17 years! Mouseover the titles for short summaries.

For a dollar you can add a trimmed cover from most of these hardcovers to your order! Great for crafts and framing.

      ALEXANDER: $5.00 N/A
      Alvin Fernald's Incr. Buried Treas.: $5.00 N/A
      Alvin Fernald, Mayor For a Day: $3.00 N/A
      Ann Likes Red: $3.00 N/A
      Another Celebrated Dancing Bear: $6.00 N/A
      Benjamin Dilley's Thirsty Camel: $5.00 N/A
      Big Chunk of Ice: $5.00 N/A
      Big Kerplop! $5.00
      Big Susan: $5.00
      Blueberry Pie Elf: $5.00 N/A
      The Borrowed House: $6.00 N/A
      Chestry Oak: $6.00 N/A
      Christmas Cookie Sprinkle Snitcher: $5.00
      Colors of the Wind: $5.00
      Cranberry Christmas: $5.00 N/A
      Cranberry Halloween: $5.00 N/A
      Cranberry Thanksgiving: $7.00 N/A
      Cranberry Valentine: $5.00 N/A
      David and the Phoenix pb: $2.99
      Duchess Bakes a Cake: $7.00 N/A
      Finest Horse in Town: $3.00 N/A
      Flying Hockey Stick: $5.00 N/A
      Giants Come in Different Sizes: $5.00 N/A
      Giraffe that Walked to Paris: $7.00 N/A
      Gus was a Friendly Ghost: $5.00 N/A
      Hanna's Cold Winter: $5.00
      Hello, Rock: $3.00
      Henry the Castaway: $5.00 N/A
      Henry the Explorer: $5.00 N/A
      Henry Explores the Jungle: $5.00 N/A
      Henry Explores the Mountains: $5.00 N/A
      Hi, Pizza Man!: $7.00
      Hola, Piedrita: $3.00
      Little Britches: $9.00 N/A
      Little Old Man Who Could Not Read: $6.00 N/A
      Mad Scientists' Club: $5.00 N/A
      Mad Scientists' Club Complete Collection pb: $10.00 N/A
      Marvelous Inventions of Alvin Fernald (pb): $3.00 N/A
      Miss Jaster's Garden: $5.00 N/A
      Miss Suzy: $5.00
      Miss Twiggley's Tree: $5.00 N/A
      Mr. Bear Squash-You-All-Flat: $5.00
      Mr. Pine's Mixed-up Signs: $4.00 N/A
      Mr. Pine's Purple House: $7.00 N/A
      Mrs. Pine Takes a Trip: $4.00 N/A
      My Blue Boat: $7.00 N/A
      New Adventures of the Mad Scientists' Club: $5.00 N/A
      Night of the Moonjellies: $7.00 N/A
      Old Black Witch!: $5.00
      Old Witch & the Polka Dot Ribbon: $5.00
      A Pair of Red Clogs: $7.00
      Pickle-Chiffon Pie: $5.00
      Pickle-Chiffon Pie Olympics: $5.00 N/A
      The Practical Princess: $5.00
      Shy Stegosaurus of Cricket Creek pb: $3.00
      Space Child's Mother Goose pb: $4.00
      Stan the Hot Dog Man: $5.00 N/A
      Surprise Doll 60th Anniv Ed $4.00
      TAL, His Marvelous Adventures with Noom-Zor-Noom pb: $4.00
      Three Little Horses: $5.00
      Time at the Top/All in Good Time pb: $4.00 N/A
      Tree for Peter pb: $5.00 N/A
      TWIG pb: $4.00
      Who Owns the Sun?: $7.00 N/A
      Winter of Enchantment: $5.00
      Yellow Ball: $7.00

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