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Upcoming Books
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The Borrowed House
by Hilda van Stockum

During World War II a young German girl, who has been indoctrinated into the Hitler Youth, travels to occupied Amsterdam to rejoin her parents then comes to realize the truth about the war.

New introduction by the author's son, John Tepper Marlin, who explains the book is based on a true story and is to be viewed as a sequel to the The Winged Watchman.

ISBN: 9781930900899, Paperback, 211 pages. Ages 10 and up. $12.95. Fall 2016.

The Practical Princess
by Jay Williams
illustrated by Friso Henstra

Blessed from birth with beauty, grace and common sense, Bedelia slays her own dragon and uncovers a conniving suitor's shortcuts. Imprisoned in a tower, she looks for an exit, finds instead a sleeping prince. Bedelia has to reverse his curse before the two can escape—at her instigation via his Rapunzel-like locks. The evil suitor is smashed and Bedelia gets her man... but first he has to get a haircut. The story is well told. —Kirkus

ISBN: 9781930900905, Hardcover, 40 pages. $18.95
Fall 2016.

The King With Six Friends
by Jay Williams
illustrated by Imero Gobbato

There are many nice things about being a king. But there is one very bad thing. It's hard to find a job if you're out of work. All that a king can do is rule, and if you have no kingdom then you are out of work. That's what happened to young King Zar.

He was a good king, but young and without much experience. A bold, strong king with many soliders had attacked his kingdom. Young Zar found himself with no country, with no palace or house or hut. Zar had twelve gold pieces, a suit of clothes and a sword. So he set out to find work.

The road was long and the world was wide. In Zar's search for a kingdom he met six unusual friends along the way. From the author of the Danny Dunn books, magically illustrated by Imero Gobbato.

ISBN: 9781930900882, Hardcover, 40 pages. $18.95
Fall 2016.

by Harold Littledale
illustrated by Tom Vroman

It was bedtime. Chris and his father sat down side by side on Chris's bed. They talked of Chris's friend Alexander, the red horse with green stripes.

"Alexander was a pretty bad horse today," Chris said. "He wouldn't eat his cereal. He wouldn't sit up at the table and he spilled his milk."

"That's too bad," said Chris's father. "What else happened?"

The ensuing conversation of Alexander's bad day makes for an entertaining read, along with its priceless ending.

ISBN: 9781930900875, Hardcover, 40 pages. $18.95
Fall 2016.

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