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Upcoming Books!

ISBN 9781930900738. Coming September 1st!
Hardcover, 32 pages. Ages 3-8. $18.95.

Colors of the Wind
The story of Blind Artist and Champion Runner
Geroge Mendoza

by J.L. Powers, paintings by George Mendoza

George was one of those kids. You know, the kind that never stays still. And then one day, the doctor said he was going blind. Did that slow George down? Not for a single second. In fact, he was so fast, he went on to break a world record for blind runners. And now he’s breaking more barriers—because ironically, George Mendoza, blind painter, paints what he sees.

George Mendoza started going blind at age 15 from a degenerative eye disease. It wasn't the sudden onset of blindness that many people experience. George lost his central vision and started seeing things that weren't there—eyes floating in the air, extraordinary colors, objects multiplied and reflected back. George describes this condition as having "kaleidoscope eyes."

He triumphed over his blindness by setting the world record in the mile for blind runners, and later competing in both the 1980 and 1984 Olympics for the Disabled. Now a full-time artist, Mendoza's collection of paintings, also titled Colors of the Wind, is a National Smithsonian Affiliates traveling exhibit.

"The story of George Mendoza, told in J.L. Powers' beautiful, poetic language, is an illumination of the persistent power of art. Colors of the Wind reminds us all that our biggest burdens are often our greatest gifts."
            —Kathi Appelt, author of The True Blue Scouts of Sugar Man Swamp and The Underneath

"May everyone who sees George Mendoza's art understand the lessons of determination and fortitude."
             —Former First Lady, Laura Bush

"So many of us are tempted to crumble under what we perceive to be unbearable burdens. It's an inspiration and a challenge to read about George Mendoza who has triumphed over that, and so much more."
             —Jane Seymour, actress

Gus was a Friendly Ghost
by Jane Thayer
illustrated by Seymour Fleishman

There was once a friendly ghost, by the name of Gus, who lived in an old house in the country. Mr. and Mrs. Scott and their twins, Susie and Sammy, lived there too during the summer. Then autumn came and the Scott family left. Which meant Gus had nothing to do but sit around.

One day, during a walk, he met Mouse, who was cold and hungry. "Come spend the winter at my house!" cried Gus.

Thus begins an unlikely but heartwarming friendship. First published in 1962, children have delighted in this story and other Gus the Ghost books for over fifty years. Seymour Fleishman's sweet, nostalgic illustrations bring Gus, the Scotts and Mouse to life.

ISBN 9781930900745. To be released this July!
Hardcover, 32 pages. Ages 3-8. $16.95.

My Blue Boat
20th Anniversary Edition
by Chris Demarest

In this simple tale, a child sails from her bathtub on an imaginary ocean voyage. The blue boat sails across the bathtub, into the harbour, between the whales, under the sun and the stars - until it manages to find its way home. More info coming soon!

A young girl journeys by way of the bathtub into unfamiliar waters, crosses the sea, and sails back home again. The large, bold type describes the action as she glides over swells, through the channel, and drifts back toward a beacon, giving children an opportunity to learn some new vocabulary. This is an appealing lap book that youngsters may enjoy poring over. The expansive illustrations, done in bright watercolor and india ink, flow with the movement of the simple story line. The paintings display the beauty of an everchanging sky and sea as they change from dawn to dusk.
—School Library Journal

Bathtime turns maritime, as a girl dreams of sailing the wide ocean. Cozy enough for landlubbers, with sufficient adventure for incipient sailors. —Publishers Weekly

Hardcover, 32 pages, ISBN 978-1-930900-76-9, $18.95.

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