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Kinsey's favorite book as a child (and probably as an adult as well) was Elizabeth Orton Jones, TWIG.
I remember reading the book myself when I was a wee tyke and I was captivated by the fantasy.
Kinsey's a big fan and so am I!! New York Times-bestselling author Sue Grafton

152 pages, 6" x 9", Paperback
Ages 6-12, ISBN: 978-1-930900-45-5

Paperback $12.95
Signed hardcover $20

by Elizabeth Orton Jones

Twig was just a plain, ordinary little girl who lived on the fourth floor of a "high sort of house" in the city. The back yard behind that house was Twig's little world. It was a bare little world, with nothing but a dandelion and a stream of drainpipe water to make it beautiful; with nobody but Old Boy, the ice-wagon horse, Old Girl, the cat, and the Sparrows, to keep Twig company.

But one day, out in the alley, Twig found an empty tomato can, with pictures of bright red tomatoes all round it. When it was upside down, it looked like a pretty little house, just the right size for a fairy! Twig stood it upside down next to the dandelion, not far from the stream. And this is the story of what happened in and around that little house one Saturday afternoon.

A story full of magic, full of fun, full of fantasy interwoven with reality, and full of the kind of tenderness which belongs most particularly to the very young. A story both boys and girls will love.

The hardcovers we have now are extras of the Limited Edition of 200 numbered books signed by Elizabeth Orton Jones, these are not numbered. They are from the 60th Anniversary Edition (2002).

Since the 1940s the author was known by her nickname, which was Twig. A dear woman, she signed every letter to me that way and always included a little twig with red berries. Here's my favorite one!

Here's an article in which Twig was interviewed by her local paper, the Nashua Times.

Horn Book Guide. Fall 2002, page 375.

Reissure (1942). City and country children alike will enjoy this reissue of a story about a little girl who spends happy hours in a dull backyard, using her imagination to create a magic world with an empty tomato can and puny dandelion plant. Delicate illustrations show young Twig, shrunk down to fairy size, playing with her friends Elf, Mr. and Mrs. Sparrow, and the horse in the alley.

TWIG received a Superior Rating of 2! Putting it in the top 9% of childrens books from 2002, in the opinion of the Horn Book Guide.

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