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From the pen of M.I. McAllister: Where did it start? Mistmantle began with a little girl learning a hymn about the sea surrounding the earth like a mantle. Decades later I wanted to write about an island, the mantle around this island would be its enchanted mists. I imagined a hero who had been exiled from the island for a crime he didn’t commit, and now the island needed him back yet he couldn’t get home.

Then I was stuck. I couldn’t get anything to come to life after that. Someone suggested that the island should be populated with animals, not people, and Mistmantle burst into life. Squirrels ran up and down tower walls, hedgehogs made beautiful needlework, otters whirled through streams on secret missions, moles ran through tunnels and guarded royalty. There were dark plots and terrible dangers. There was fun and color, and stars dancing across the sky. And there was Urchin.

What happened next? Read it!

Urchin, Crispin, Padra, Needle and the rest of creatures of Mistmantle are returning! We couldn't be happier or prouder that M.I. McAllister has given us this privilege.


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